T. Buckley – Frame By Frame

T. Buckley - Frame By Frame - vinyl
T. Buckley – Frame By Frame – vinyl

From the touching moments to the dark truths, the award-winning Canadian songwriter T. Buckley (T is for Tim not related to the late Tim Buckley) delivers smooth and soulful vocal performances that have made him one of western Canada’s most talked-about artists.

On his second solo album, Frame By Frame, he looks through the lens of life. “Frame By Frame is a collection of moments looking back at our families, communities, lovers and friends – those closest to us, who make us who we are,” says Buckley. The recording sessions were fused in the winter of 2020 at the National Music Centre in Buckley’s home base, Calgary, Alberta, with notable producer Jeff Kynoch and a core group of players: Jesse Dollimont on mandolin, guitar and backing vocals; Mitch Jay on stringed things; Steve Fletcher on keys and organs; Dan Stadnicki on drums; and Keith Rempel on bass. Kynoch’s open-minded sonic approach makes for an excellent pairing with Buckley’s spirit of creatively pushing the envelope.

Frame By Frame explains a lot of what we are all searching for as we meander through our days; wondering who’s on our side, who’s listening and who loves us. Life is a loaded question and with Buckley’s sonic snapshots, as the old Faces song goes, “Every picture tells a story, don’t it?”