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The Nature in Music

Tree rings are nature’s journals. Their colouring, width and texture reveal if the year was wet or warm, smokey or sunny, hearty or famished.

As the year approaches an end, we wonder how this year will be reflected in nature’s journal?

As humans, part of our nature is journaled through music. We sing, dance and tell stories. Already this year has had an impact on the music we’re hearing.

So, if you’re looking for gifts to share, Discover Our Sound to hear what our artists have been experiencing.

But just like the tree’s journals, much of the music of this year has yet to make it to our ears, still hidden behind the trunk of the growing song. It makes us excited for 2021, and the music that will feed us all in the years to come.

Just as the music our artists have shared this year allows us all to reflect, connect and find calm in their nature. We trust you’ll find an album to buy that will do just that for you or as a gift for a loved one. And know that your purchase is helping the artists find their nature, just as their music helps you find yours.

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