The trio of Bùmarang: Kate Bevan-Baker on fiddle, David Gossage on flute, Sarah Pagé on harp. Standing in an overgrown yard in front of a graffitied industrial building


The Montreal-based trio of David Gossage, Kate Bevan-Baker and Sarah Pagé are an unmissable Celtic-inspired musical force. As individuals Bùmarang have played with Patrick Watson, Hey Rosetta!, Kid Koala, Michael Bublé, Cirque du Soleil and The Barr Brothers. Their virtuosity shines on their debut single, “Perry Merry”, wher they introduce us to their sound, fusing harp, acoustic guitar and fiddle, with a riddling song.

“Perry Merry” includes three traditional songs. The first, “Perry Merry Dictum, Domine” is also known as “Riddle Song.” It’s a lively song which discusses elements that are impossible to exist in today’s world: a chicken with no bones, a book that cannot be read, a cherry without a stone, and a blanket without any thread. The nonsense Latin lyrics of the refrain add to the quirkiness of the song. It is believed that the song originates from Britain and dates back to 1430, when riddle songs such as this were popular throughout history.

This song could be a fitting metaphor for our existence: life truly is a riddle that everyone is trying to figure out.

Bùmarang follow this song with two old-time fiddle tunes: “Cumberland Gap” and “Washington’s March”.

This is the first single from the “power trio” (The Guardian, PEI) who have been performing together since 2015, and leads up to ‘Echo Land’ their debut album due for release in May, on Fallen Tree Records.

“Jaw dropping flute and whistle playing, creatively and beautifully delivered songs, and dazzling sets of jigs and reels propelled by the tightly-synched unified force of the three instruments.”

The Guardian, PEI

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