Jessica Heine holds her guitar with a backdrop of trees

Jessica Heine

Singer/songwriter Jessica Heine’s dynamic voice shakes rooms. Yet on her third album, Goodbye Party, her power is tampered by loss. With new fragility, she opens up about her personal grief, threading gossamer cords between her painful divorce, the untimely death of her nephew, the loss of her grandmother and the regrowth born in the aftermath of these losses.

Amongst the songs, dreams are celebrated and mourned. Dreams of the future float away and new dreams surface in their place.

“Clever wordplay and charming delivery”

Edmonton Journal

“Warm and stirring, she is able to project vulnerability as well as strength through her vocals.”

Bob Mersereau

Her own guitar work is primarily supported by a full band consisting of piano, mandolin, bass and drums. Peter Stone, of 100 mile house, produces the album. And on the title track, “Goodbye Party,” textured backing vocals offer a hand to their sinking friend.

Heine’s voice may not quake the room in Goodbye Party, but she harnesses powers that shake the soul much deeper. You’re left seeing the buds of new life poking through the ashes scattered on the ground, knowing that they, like these songs, will bloom beautifully.

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