Fallen Tree Records 2.5″ Circular Sticker

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Round and sticky, these 2.5″ vinyl stickers look great nearly anywhere.

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It’s round, it’s sticky and it’s our first product. These Fallen Tree Records stickers make great gifts, are designed to work inside or outside the home, look great on any guitar case and will instantly increase your social standing.

“The circle is a law of creation and the greatest teacher there is,” Francis Alexis an Iska (keeper of ancient knowledge) from the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation told the Royal Alberta Museum. “Everything we do, we do in a circle.” ⭕️
Music and circles are linked too, from records and CDs to the shape of a drum and the communal song circles. Fallen Tree Records has always wished to celebrate the connectedness of music to life, and life to cycles.

Designed by Gordon Barnett, a Sunshine Coast, BC, based artist and printed on hard-wearing vinyl in Edmonton.


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