Jay Aymar – Your Perfect Matador

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Adorning the colossal battles between love and art with a poets sense of right and wrong

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“Behold the work of a fully realized artist at his creative peak.” ~ Andy Frank, Roots Music Canada

Your Perfect Matador adorns the colossal battles between love and art with a poets sense of right and wrong

Through orchestrated layers reminiscent of the plushest art galleries, Jay Aymar (pronounced Ay-Mar), consummate songwriter and poet, rises from shadowed concrete beds to bring us a cinematic view of the colossal battles between love and art, bred through the transience and demands of touring. Your Perfect Matador celebrates the juxtaposition and necessity to “do a little wrong, to make things right,” illustrated by visual artists Banksy, Vincent van Gogh and Leonardo da Vinci. It’s a narcotic cocktail of edgy post-Americana, swampy southern roots-rock with touches of soul and funk.

Produced by Michael Phillip Wojewoda, featuring guest vocals from Shakura S’aida, Alejandra Ribera and Chloe Charles and string arrangements from Drew Jurecka.


1. Your Poet Bleeding [4:57]
2. Walls Are Pages [5:07]
3. The Greatest Story Never Told (feat. Chloe Charles) [4:21]
4. Us Wild Dogs [3:47]
5. Alive in the Shadows (feat. Alejandra Ribera) [5:57]
6. Always Had You (feat. Shakura S’aida) [3:42]
7. Two Planks and a Passion [4:13]
8. Take Me Home [3:02]
9. Banksy Was Here [1:48]

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