Logan and Nathan – Kittens in the Bathroom

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Cornered up like kittens in a bathroom, Vancouver folk-duo Logan and Nathan try to make sense of the millennial life.

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Living the nightmarish dream of the fickle gig-economy, trying to find self-worth, and preserving one’s character while falling in love are all covered on Vancouver-based folk-duo Logan and Nathan’s debut EP. Their love for each other, nurtured and shared through previous solo recordings and band ensembles in which they worked together, grows stronger through these seven impassioned tracks, preparing us for their debut full-length Chasing Tales (And a Few Other Things).


1. Kittens in the Bathroom (3:51)
2. Let Loose, Draw Blood (4:06)
3. Lost Down the Line (3:46)
4. Chances Introduction (0:39)
5. Chances (3:28)
6. If Love Is Real, I Am Screwed (3:12)
7. Middle of the Night (3:27)

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