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2019 a year of Fallen Tree Records

1 year. 5 artists. 1,500 vinyl records. 6,500 CDs. 750 stickers. 100 wooden guitar picks. 270 Facebook followers. 6 hours and 23 minutes of music.

In its simplest form, music is maths. Yet numbers, especially numbers like those, fail to convey what this past year has meant to Fallen Tree Records. With family, friends and community we became Canada’s latest folk/roots record label. And are we ever glad we did.

From our first releases in May, reissues of Jon Brooks’ first two albums No Mean City and Ours and the Shepherds, to our latest release just out in time for Christmas from Silent Winters, Christmas Morning, we have focused on being artist friendly, music first and grateful every day for being trusted to be a part of these artists’ teams.

Above you’ll find playlist that reviews our first year. Music from Edmonton’s 100 mile house and Jessica Heine. The coming of age of Logan Thackray and Nathan Turner as they began working together as Logan and Nathan. Jon Brooks’ incredible perspective of humanity and Silent Winters’ stress relieving harmonies (honestly, every time I hear the opening chords of “White Christmas” I can feel my shoulders relax). We are so proud to be able to say these are our artists.

  • Cover shot of Silent Winters - Christmas Morning
    Silent Winters – Christmas Morning
  • Cover shot of Jon Brooks - Moth Nor Rust II
    Jon Brooks – Moth Nor Rust II
  • Cover shot of Logan and Nathan - Chasing Tales: And a Few Other Things
    Logan and Nathan – Chasing Tales (And a Few Other Things)
  • Cover shot of 100 mile house - Hiraeth
    100 mile house – Hiraeth
  • Cover shot of Jessica Heine - Goodbye Party
    Jessica Heine – Goodbye Party

But whenever you look back, you must also look forward, and 2020 is shaping up already.

1 reissue. 6 singles. 3 new albums. And that’s all before the end of April.

However the numbers add up, it is the music that will keep us going. So we hope you’ll follow us along for the ride: sign up for our newsletter, find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and most of all, go see our artists play live.

That’s where the maths of music really becomes magic.

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