Logan and Nathan – Lonely: Single

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Sinking into that lonesome hollow are Logan and Nathan on their single “Lonely” from the album The Happening.

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“Lonely,” the first song from the upcoming Logan and Nathan album The Happening (April 24, 2020), is about “sinking into that lonesome hollow we all experience as humans wanting to belong to something that makes us feel alive,” writes the Vancouver-based duo. “Life is just plain damn hard sometimes and no matter how strong, brave, or together you may portray yourself to be, we all have moments where we feel hollow. This song is trying to invite that lonely for tea and listen to what she needs to feel ok to feel. Its a song for our mother earth who must feel lonely sometimes because more and more we are disconnected from her. But there is beauty in recognizing the lonely, to pushing into it and breaking parts of ourselves that have the capacity to be broken so that we can grow… we are human, we have an enormous capacity to be connected and to belong, but it is very easy to forget that those connections exist all the time all around us.

“This song is dear to our hearts because the chorus is about calling a sweet memory and basking in the remembering of how the sun felt against our skin, how many crows were doing their daily migration home, how music connects us together even when we are far apart… to missing your best friend and partner in crime (aka sworn enemy).”


1. Lonely (5:21)

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