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COVID-19 Artist Aid

These are trying times for us all. Collective shock, and the new realities are hard for everyone to comprehend.

Thankfully we still have our community.

The artists, musicians, songwriters, venues, sound techs, bar staff, club volunteers, festivals, and the people who drive us home safely after a night of music.

So when Peter Stone from 100 mile house approached us to see if we could join them in helping the community, we decided that for select CD titles in our catalogue, Fallen Tree Records would collect no profit from sales on our website, passing those monies on to the artists or their chosen beneficiaries – the people in our community who have been most impacted by cancelled shows, venue lockdowns, and the loss of off-stage sales.

For these titles we also simplified the pricing: $20 CAD including shipping and tax. Please help us support the artists, and shop from these titles:

Know that when you purchase these titles from our website, all Fallen Tree Records is deducting from your $20 is the tax, shipping, packaging, credit card processing fees and manufacturing costs, the rest is going to the artists, songwriters and those in the community they feel need it most.

Thank you.

If you’re in that community, see this great resource from CIMA, of support options during these times.

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